BAF Security and Fortitude Consulting Presents:
The Law Enforcement Professional Series
“21st Century Policing Community and Cultural Competency”

Law Enforcement Professionals

Sheriff, Chief of Police, Superintendent
Settlement payouts are out of control. Most of those settlements are a result of poor judgment and weak leadership in the daily execution of duty. You have your Training experts working on strengthening that flaw. Why worry? After all, the settlements are going down. Or are they?

You wake up every morning thankful you are not in Baltimore, Chicago or Ferguson. Those issues just won’t happen in your city, town or municipality. You are certain of that!

As long as people are involved, it is dangerous to be certain of anything.


Fortitude Consulting and BAF Security Solutions, in support of Law Enforcement Professionals, have developed “The Law Enforcement Professional Series Program: 21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency.

Excellent training with modern insights relating to cultural diversity for public safety professionals. Colonel Freeman of BAF Security Solutions and Colonel Boggs of Fortitude Consulting provided us with relevant, unique insights and experience that made my deputies re-think the way they handle encounters. Remarkable facilitation by the instructors and I highly recommend this 21st Century Strategic LE Series.
Robert J. McCabe
Sheriff/High Constable
Norfolk, VA

Why This Course?


Policing in the 21st Century is tough. Gone are the days of instantaneous respect for authority. Police Officers are under the constant scrutiny of the media and public.

Departments are being held to unreasonably high standards and expected to have the benefit of hindsight in every situation regardless the level of complexity.

Agencies and Departments at every level of law enforcement are paying settlements at unsustainable rates. Even the wealthiest localities cannot continue to pay record amounts of settlements.

Sadly, citizens are dying as a result of too many Police Officer encounters gone awry. And there are equally too many Law Enforcement Professionals giving their lives to protect the citizenry.

Something must be done. Based on the findings of The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and the research of renowned law enforcement researchers such as Ben Bradford, Jonathan Jackson and Mike Hough, Fortitude Consulting and BAF Security Solutions joined forces to develop the Law Enforcement Professionals Series.

The Series has been carefully developed to strengthen the Law Enforcement Professionals’ abilities in:

Procedural Justice

Police Legitimacy

Cultural Competency


The benefits of this program go far beyond the content presented in the seminar. You will have an opportunity to build relationships with peers from other organizations and experts in the area of Procedural Justice, Legitimacy and Cultural Competency.

You will leave this session prepared to take on Policing in the 21st Century. You will have a new and strengthened confidence for working in uncomfortable situations.

Colonels (Ret) Freeman and Boggs are leaders of exemplary Character, Compassion and Integrity. Their combined 70+ years of leadership, management and community based policing strategies conducted throughout the world and in complex environments were invaluable in helping my organization grow into the professional police officers we need in today’s complex social and economic environments. I personally want to thank them for helping my police officers and leaders embrace the elements found in the President’s Report on 21st Century Policing that should guide all law enforcement executives throughout our country to better understand our communities, build strong partnerships and ultimately build long lasting trust between our citizens and our police forces.
Chris Heberer
Chief of Police / Public Safety Director
City of Fountain, Colorado

What Can You Expect?

This is a two-day seminar. It will include Procedural Justice topics such as Changing Mindsets with 21st Century Policing, Policing Principles and Policing Rules of Engagement.

The seminar will then turn attention to the topic of Police Legitimacy. Several of the topics covered will include the importance of Values, emphasizing the “Four Principles of Just Behavior,” as noted in the 21st Century Policing Report. Authority and Power, Police Leadership and Level Four Communications will also be covered as major topics of discussion.

Finally, and the key to the seminar is the issue of Cultural Competency. In subjects discussed, we include Social Profiling, the Social Landscape, Transparency and Trust and many more critical topics of importance for the Law Enforcement Professional.

Great exercises to get groups/everyone involved. Discussions were challenging/thought-provoking. Very good content, changes your way of thinking.
Investigator Meghan N.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will leave the session able to:

  • Identify the Policing Principles of 21st Century Policing
  • Communicate across with spectrum of those they are charged with Policing
  • Focus efforts on building trust and legitimacy within the communities they police
  • Exercise sound policing principles regardless of situation
  • Define social profiling
  • Gain an understanding of Power and Authority
  • Make decisions based on a proven process, cycle and risk analysis
  • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust
  • Strengthen others abilities to excel
  • Identify their leadership strengths
  • Police effectively across the spectrum of communities
  • Leading confidently across race, gender and culture

This program is designed for the Law Enforcement Professional. Attendees should have at least three years of law enforcement experience. The course is ideal for those with leadership responsibilities.

Participants from all law enforcement agencies and departments of all sizes will find this program valuable.

Excellent course. Instructors kept class very entertained. Great exercises to bring class members together. Instructors bring a lot of knowledge to the table. Recommend for all current law enforcement officers.
Officer Cecil W.


Norfolk, VA

About the Instructors:

Colonel Byron Freeman, a retired Army Military Police Officer, has over 34 years of Law Enforcement experience, both in uniform and as a Security Expert. He has provided support to the City of Norfolk Virginia Sheriff’s Office and The Coach Diversity Institute of Haymarket Virginia. He was instrumental in establishing and maintaining a capable Iraqi Police Force during operations in Iraq, a Police Force faced with cultural and religious nuances requiring similar if not greater cultural sensitivities facing Law Enforcement Professionals. Colonel Freeman brings his extensive experience as a Provost Marshal (Police Chief) and Military Police Brigade Commander under combat conditions.

Colonel John Boggs’ leadership development experience is second to none. His areas of expertise include leadership, national security strategy, strategy development, operational planning, training and education. He has held a long and impressive list of prominent executive, senior staff, and academic positions. As a Marine Infantry Officer, he is one of the rare few that have commanded at every level of his Marine Corps career. He has served in advisory positions on high-level national government staffs, to include the Office of the Secretary of Defense—Personnel and Readiness. He has advised General Officers and Political Appointees. Salient to this effort is Colonel Boggs’ experience with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). He supported the NYPD by providing a thorough review of existing leadership education, made recommendations for strengthening their Police Leadership Program of Instruction, and advised on the NYPD 20/20 effort.