Gender Integration

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What is Gender Integration and why should you care?

Gender integration seeks to have a fully representative workforce, covering strategies to address gender gaps at senior, mid-level and entry level in an organization.

Gender Integration is NOT the same as gender inclusion, which merely focuses on numbers for women and minorities.

When true gender integration is achieved, there are no leadership gaps. It minimizes the risk of unfairness, inequality, and bias.

We at Fortitude know that gender integration enhances creativity, innovation, and team cohesion.

Effective Gender Integration is NOT another affirmative action plan doomed to failure. It IS a leadership challenge, an opportunity for increased profitability, and a requirement to strengthen organizational culture.

The Challenge!

Most organizations are failing because of their approach.

Effective Integration of women is not a function of diversity or sexual harassment training. TRAINING DOES NOT WORK.

In fact, the research is in—diversity, and sexual harassment training produces the exact opposite of the desired result. Rather than build a sense of inclusiveness it breeds divisiveness and anger.

Fortitude Offers a Unique Approach That Works. Read More Here.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics—1 in 5 women has been sexually harassed or assaulted. Most victims of sexual harassment and assault do not report the incidents.

How many women are members of your team? Do the math. It is very likely you talk to a survivor every day.

Take a look at the numbers:

The numbers? $168 million, the largest single payout for Sexual Harassment. It was paid out by a hospital. A media giant for one of its on-air personalities sexual harassment charges paid out $13 million. 80 the number of women sexually harassed or assaulted by one man—Harvey Weinstein; each victim receiving between $80 thousand and $150 thousand and still counting.

How are you going to handle this situation? Can you, can your organization budget for legal actions with ever increasing financial liability?

The Opportunity!

Gender integration outperforms average industry profits by 46%.

Studies have shown that women improve innovation and complex decision-making. Moreover, increased numbers of women in the C-suite translates into higher profits.

Take a look at the numbers:

Integrating women effectively produces a significant bonus—statistics point out those organizations where at least 20% of the senior leadership consists of women, their profits outperform the industry average by 22%.

Organizations that have fully integrated women have profits that outperform the industry average by 46%.

Effective Integration of women is not a function of diversity or sexual harassment training. These training programs produce the exact opposite of what is desired. Rather than build a sense of inclusiveness it breeds divisiveness and anger.

Successful women will tell you they had to be, and still must be, very tough to earn their place at the table even when they are qualified.

Integrating women effectively requires a commitment to change the culture. It requires leadership with Fortitude.


Gender integration is a strategic imperative.

And it demands a mandate, a committed leader, and a determined taskforce. These are all operational successes that Fortitude Consulting uses from our years of experience in the military, diplomatic service, and business environment.

Most if not all CEO’s “get” that they NEED to diversify their leadership for all the positive and negative implications. Many have promoted women or people of color to give them a chance only to have them face failure.

The Team at Fortitude Consulting, LLC is a unique and rare grouping of seasoned professionals with experiences from business—large and small, for-profit and non-profit, government, academia, and the military. Each member is highly credentialed and an experienced leader.

Fortitude stands ready to support Leaders in Business and the Military.

What we WILL NOT DO—offer you the next most excellent sexual harassment and diversity training program. TRAINING DOES NOT WORK.

In fact, the research is in—diversity, and sexual harassment training produces the exact opposite of the desired result.

What we will do—help you develop a culture that benefits from effective Integration of Women and diversity of thought.

We ready your high potentials to take their place at the executive table

We prepare your executive team to embrace the diversity of thought that results in higher profits, increased market share and reduced turnover

In our proprietary military-inspired process, we will:

  • Support Senior Leadership by clearly assessing the current situation
  • Assist in executing the organization’s mandate to change the culture by providing support for developing the strategy and policies to fit your unique organization. No two organizations are the same, and no one strategy works for all business regardless of industry
  • Support executing the strategy and putting in place the policy designed to integrate women effectively throughout the organization

Let’s talk.

It took Fortitude for the women of the #MeToo movement to come forward; it will take Fortitude to transform your company, organization or business to thrive and exceed expectations in this unique environment.

The #MeToo movement has presented you with a challenge for demonstrating superior leadership and an opportunity to lead your organization to new levels of prosperity.

In regards to matters such as Gender Integration, a Marine Sergeant once said, “you can be on the bus, behind the bus or under the bus,” Your choice.
Colonel John Boggs

Colonel John Boggs U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) is an authority on Executive Leadership Development. He is a Strategist, Author, Accomplished Speaker, and Executive Transformational Leadership Coach.

Karyn Grant, ACC

Karyn Grant has delivered outstanding business results for over 30 years. Karyn’s masterful coaching galvanizes amazing leaders to achieve exceptional outcomes and growth through inspired leadership, strategic risk taking and empowered teams.

Kyleanne Hunter, PH.D

Kyleanne Hunter is an expert in outcome driven integration. She is a recognized authority on understanding the second- and third- order effects of attempts at large-scale organizational diversity integration and offering solutions that leverage the benefits of diversity to help achieve success. Both her research and her personal experiences reflect the way in which diversity can help an organization achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently.