About Us


— Courage, bravery, strength of mind, strength of character, moral strength, toughness of spirit, strong-mindedness

Fortitude is a leadership development firm…

The pace of business today is fast. The environment is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. As individuals, we have walked the paths that our clients walk.
The Fortitude team is unique. Our strength is our expertise.

We have backgrounds in business, organizational design, military, diplomacy, academia, health care, IT, government, strategy development, public speaking, and more.

Each member of the Fortitude Core Group has led diverse teams in organizations that range in size from large and complex to small and fast growing; private sector to public sector.

Our Team:

Our strength is our expertise. We are experienced leaders—business executives, researchers, strategists, professional speakers, program managers and all credentialed.

Colonel John Boggs

Colonel John Boggs, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) is an authority on Executive Leadership Development and Gender Integration. He is a Strategist, Author, Accomplished Speaker, and Executive Transformational Leadership Coach.

Karyn P. Grant – ICF-PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Karyn P. Grant is an expert in taking a bold approach to showing high achieving leaders how to lead people in a way they will never forget. She is an expert in Executive Leadership Development. Karyn specializes in working with innovative, ambitious women leaders making a mark on their worlds.

Kyleanne Hunter, PH.D

Dr. Kyleanne Hunter is an expert in outcome driven integration. She is a recognized authority on understanding the second- and third- order effects of attempts at large-scale organizational diversity integration and offering solutions that leverage the benefits of diversity to help achieve success. Both her research and her personal experiences reflect the way in which diversity can help an organization achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently.

Maria Church, Ph.D., CSP

Dr. Maria Church, CEO of Dr. Maria Church International, including Government and Corporate divisions, and author of Love-Based Leadership, the upcoming books, A Course in Leadership: 21 Spiritual Lessons on Power, Love, and Influence, 10th Anniversary Edition of Love-Based Leadership, and co-author of best-selling book, Answering the Call, has started a movement to revolutionize the workplace with a shift from fear to love.

Michael E. Perry, Ph.D.

Dr, Mike Perry hails from Portsmouth, Virginia, the launching point for a life and career that have molded him into an impactful leader and influencer in government, corporate, and community organizations. Mike believes that people—not products or processes—are the primary drivers of success in every organization on the planet. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Executive Advising & Development.

Theresa L. Garcia, MSOD, ICF-PCC

Theresa Garcia is a neuroleadership coach based in Arizona. She leads Trust Leadership & Growth LLC, a certified woman and minority owned small business specializing in Leadership and Career Transition Coaching, Team and Board Effectiveness, Strategic Facilitation, and Organization Design Strategy.

Michael A. “Duffy” Dyer, ICF-ACC

Michael “Duffy” Dyer is a Coach, Business Executive and 30+ years retired military Senior Officer with 40+ years of extensive experience in organizational leadership, management, and leading elite teams across the globe. He has an innate ability to foster consensus through collaboration and community partnering with more than 14 years of cross-cultural work experience.

Andrea Beaulieu, ACC

As an executive speech coach, story performance and presentation skills coach and trainer, and authentic International Coaching Federation leadership executive coach and trainer, Andrea Beaulieu combines her abilities as a speaker, writer and performer, and her strong background in management and leadership positions, to coach her clients to bring greater presence, awareness and skill to all of their communications.

Alexis Feringa, ICF-ACC

Alexis Feringa provides executive coaching facilitation, and leadership development services to public and private organizations. In coaching, her passion is to partner with clients to help them transform into happy, authentic, successful leaders. She accomplishes this by engaging in deliberate, intentional conversations with clients to identify and overcome obstacles that are interfering with their ability to perform at their potential.

Valerie Bérubé, LtCol USMC Ret, MAL, PgMP, PMP

Valerie L. Bérubé is Fortitude Consulting’s lead Leadership and Strategy Development Facilitator.

Valerie has lead thousands of people in numerous, complex, and high-profile federal projects and programs valued up to four billion dollars., and often reportable to Congress.

Brian Houp, ICF-PCC

Brian is known for his patient, open and honest communication style that leaves nothing unsaid. He knows the pitfalls of ‘success at all costs’ and believes passionately that every leader must find a way to establish his or her own right combination of solid business results, ongoing personal development and a high quality of life that provides fulfillment for both themselves and those they care about most.

Ron L. Harvey, MBA, ICF-Certified

Ron Harvey is a native of Florida, he is a certified Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator. Ron is an energetic, engaging individual who believes his purpose is to make a difference by inspiring leaders to excel through learning, growth and adding value to others. He is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Global Core Strategies and Consulting (GCSC), LLC.

Kim C. D’Abreu, ICF-ACC

Kim C. D’Abreu is a seasoned leader in the non-profit space who brings 25 years of experience designing and managing national, impactful, workforce diversity and inclusion programs. As a credible thought leader within the education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, she has built an impeccable reputation for managing the culture and complexities of environments.

Rich Douglas, PhD, DSocSci, PCC

Rich Douglas has been creating outstanding business results for his clients for more than 30 years. Certified in coaching, talent development, and human resource management, Rich blends this expertise in building unique solutions for his clients in the private, public, military, and academic sectors.


Margo Boster is an ICF credentialed PCC executive and leadership coach, incorporating neuroleadership and human development. Leadership is not theoretical to Margo. She has a long history of helping organizations and the people within those organizations achieve goals they felt were beyond their reach.


Originally from New Jersey, Brian Wood navigated his leadership, speaking, training, facilitating and executive coaching journey throughout the United States compliments of several relocations and thirty years in the corporate world. Brian held leadership positions at American Airlines and Waste Management during his corporate life and on several occasions managed crisis situations involving aircraft incidents and employee/civilian fatalities.

Candy Deemer

As a former C-level executive in one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Candy brings a deep understanding of communication, influence, and team-building to her 15+ years of experience coaching executives to become more inspiring and effective leaders in their organizations.

Ken Deemer

Ken Deemer has partnered with leaders to build high impact organizations for more than 30 years – as a venture capitalist, board member, advisor and leadership coach. Certified in several coaching modalities, he works with leaders and teams to help them become more effective and achieve breakthrough performance.

Michael Tucker, ICF-ACC

Michael Tucker, M.A., ACC, CSM, CSPO is an ICF certified executive coach, Diversity Equity & Inclusion facilitator, consultant, published author, international speaker, AGILE and tech product development enthusiast. He is committed to the acceleration, advancement and conscious evolution of the global human family.

Luciana Nuñez—ICF-PCC

Luciana’s 20 years of international experience as a Leader and CEO give her a first-hand understanding of the pressures, challenges and exhilaration of leading a business. She built her executive experience in CPG, Tech and Healthcare at Fortune 500 companies such as Danone, Bayer and Roche.