About Us

Our strength is our expertise. We are experienced leaders and all credentialed. The core Fortitude team is unique in its makeup. We have backgrounds in the military, diplomacy, academia and corporations from large and complex to small and entrepreneurial.

Colonel John Boggs

Colonel John Boggs U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) is an authority on Executive Leadership Development. He is a Strategist, Author, Accomplished Speaker, and Executive Transformational Leadership Coach.

Karyn Grant, ACC

Karyn Grant has delivered outstanding business results for over 30 years. Karyn’s masterful coaching galvanizes amazing leaders to achieve exceptional outcomes and growth through inspired leadership, strategic risk taking and empowered teams.

Kyleanne Hunter, PH.D

Kyleanne Hunter is an expert in outcome driven integration. She is a recognized authority on understanding the second- and third- order effects of attempts at large-scale organizational diversity integration and offering solutions that leverage the benefits of diversity to help achieve success. Both her research and her personal experiences reflect the way in which diversity can help an organization achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently.