Why John


After 30 plus years of leading Marines and working in senior leadership roles, in government, education, non-profit and for profit organizations, John knows that the single greatest secret to success in any organization is the ability of the leadership to lead.

There are no born leaders. Leadership is taught. It is not easily learned. Leadership requires much from those bold enough to take on the starring role, from providing an organization’s vision to executing the strategy. The responsibilities and accountability of those in leadership positions cannot be delegated or sidestepped.

The failures of leadership are global, national, in business and schools. Heads of sovereign nations are killing their own citizens in an effort to stay in power. Elected officials are ineffective at leading their constituents to the parking lot; much less leading the nation. Businesses are failing due to greed and ineffective executives. Schools throughout the country are under the guidance of visionless leadership, struggling to maintain a system that is, at best, ineffective.

What is needed to resolve these issues are leaders, not placeholders. Voters, board of directors, and those in hiring positions are bringing on the best looking, smells great, highly acclaimed next person, to hold a leadership position, with little regard for their ability to lead. Worse there is little attempt to expand the individual’s skills to improve on the ability to lead.

What serious, top-notch leader’s demand in their ongoing success is what John brings to the table. He brings leaders the ability to leverage talent to dramatically improve performance and rapidly exceed goals. The very best at what they do continually work at improving their skills. John is a trusted advisor, consultant, and coach to those who consider themselves in that class of being the best at leading their organizations or aspire to be the singularly best.

John’s expertise and skills are a rare find in one consultant. He has the academic credentials, both as a student and teacher that speak to his expertise on the subjects of leadership, strategy, and operational planning. More importantly, he has the experience of leading thousands of Marines over his career, developing strategy, operational planning and placing the plan into action for small and large complex organizations.

In reality, most organizations are led by executives and leaders who are proficient at what they do. The secret to being an extraordinary organization is not proficient leadership. It is exceptional leadership.