Leading with Fortitude – The Essentials

Friday, September 26, 2014 from 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Location: Keller School of Management
1201 South Alma School Road, Suite 5450
Mesa, Arizona 85210-2008


Workshop Fees

Early Bird – $305 (register by Monday, September 1, 2014)
Regular – $335
Day of Workshop – $360

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Who Should Attend

Did you know that the average age of the first time supervisor is 32? The average age of the first leadership education or training a person in a leadership position receives is 42. Is there any doubt why leadership ability in most organizations is mediocre!

This course is specifically designed for high-potential, mid-level leaders who are five or more years into their careers. Those who own small to medium sized businesses will also find this course immediately useful in guiding their organizations. Leaders will learn how to dramatically improve performance and rapidly exceed organizational or personal goals.

The Leading with Fortitude: Leadership Essentials workshop is for those who want to take the first step away from mediocrity towards being exceptional.

Why This Course

This is an intensely active course, and is intended only for those who are serious about becoming exceptional leaders. While named “essentials” there’s nothing basic about this course. The Essentials is a unique leadership education experience you won‘t want to miss.

All Fortitude Leadership courses are developed with the knowledge that there are no born leaders. Leadership is taught. The truth is anyone can learn how to lead. And, anyone can be good on any given day, but being exceptional requires daily effort. Are you up for the challenge?

This one-day interactive course focuses on the Four Basics of Leadership.

  • Nuances of Leadership Behavior
    • Role of Ethics
    • Defining organizational and personal values
  • Creating Heroes at Work
    • Worse thing an employee can do for you
    • Seeing the future
    • Doing the impossible
  • Strategy of Communications
    • Hearing with your eyes
    • Communicating like Spock
    • Understanding what is really being said
  • How to be Decisive
    • Being decisive
    • Negotiating wants vs musts
    • Decision making cycle

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Meet your Leader

Col. John Boggs, USMC (ret.) & President of Fortitude Consulting, is a trusted advisor, consultant, and coach to those who consider themselves best in class at leading their organizations and are motivated to be the singularly best. As a leadership expert Col. Boggs has mentored, coached and taught women and men in or desiring to be in leadership positions for over 30 years. His clients have ranged from medical group executives, to the New York City Police Department, to working privately with individuals across a spectrum of businesses. He has taught senior military officers, government officials, and diplomats from both the United States and Allied Nations.

Over his 30 plus years he has led thousands of Marines and civilians, and provides the students of the his courses that added depth of understanding the soft skill of leadership; which he will tell you is the hardest skill of all. John is a retired Marine Officer, former Vice President of a major Washington, D.C. non-profit, and partner in both a government contracting company, and an international business development company. He has a distinguished record of providing executive level leadership and strategy for large, complex organizations and operations.

“The fortitude to teach. The fortitude to inspire. The fortitude to collaborate. The fortitude to examine without bias. The fortitude to question. The fortitude to be curious. The fortitude to say what needs to be said. John Boggs has all of that and more.” Linda W. Cassell, Founder/President, Quantum Leap Coaching and Training, LLC

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