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December 2015

Improve the Bottom Line in 2016: Reflect Don't Neglect!

How are you going to improve the bottom line for you and your organization in 2016? What actions are you going to take to improve your ability to inspire your team to new heights?

I suspect many of you reading this, have some ideas about improving your personal leadership capability, or you would not take the time to continue reading. Let me offer one thing you should accomplish before 2016 arrives. This advice is powerful; do not neglect this action. Take some time and reflect on your accomplishments and the accomplishments of your team.   (Read more)

A Great Year!

This 2015 has been a great year for women! Just look at the cover of "Time Magazine" and "Sports Illustrated." Each has named a woman as the "Person of the Year" and Athlete of the Year respectively. Yes, a great year for women.

Now, let's get real. The women noted are the absolute right persons for the recognition! They are both incredible. I am happy to note that since 1995 to 2015 there is an increase in women as Heads of State from 12 to 19. Worldwide, of the largest 500 corporations only 4% are women. And yes, they outperform their male counterparts. Yes, this is a good year and not good enough.

Women have a phenomenal impact on the companies and organizations they lead. I have documented that fact in numerous articles.

As the year ends, ladies I ask that you reflect on your accomplishments and take pride in them. I caution you not to stop improving and preparing yourself for greater responsibility. When the time comes be ready to step up and produce.

Men, those of you that are fearful of letting a woman run the show, I ask you to reflect. Think about the positive impact on your bottom line. If this was a good year for your business, imagine what a great year would be. Do You want to look smart to your investors? Promote that woman, get out of her way, and reap the benefits.

Have a great Holy Season and see you next year.


I am often asked for leadership advice based on my Marine Corps experience for use in business. This section is providing short leadership tips you can use in becoming an Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

The theme of this month's newsletter is Reflect. My advice this month is to go back and review some of the old newsletters; you can find them on my website. Reflect on the leadership traits and principles. Take them to heart and think through how you will use them in the upcoming year.

Leaders are always alert, always learning, and never satisfied. How will you be better next year than you were this year?

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Current Happenings

This month, December, there will be FREE, Webinar—"Leading with Fortitude: The Essentials."

It is going to be a short and to the point webinar. Yes, it is based on my book, and you will be introduced to new ideas.

Next month, January, will start the "Essentials" webinar series. Each of the Leadership Essentials will be studied in greater detail. DON'T MISS THIS.

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Law Enforcement Professionals:

I have teamed up with UPI Education and BAF Security Systems. We have developed a course of instruction based on the findings of the Presidents Task Force "21st Century Policing." It includes Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy.

Expect to read more about this in the upcoming months.

In Conclusion

Leading has gotten tough in the 21st Century. It is like walking through a minefield. The workforce is no longer homogeneous in any way. It spans the spectrum of age, race, gender, and culture. It is time to learn how to lead effectively. Or you can hire an army of lawyers to clean up the mess from a misstep.

The Free webinar is on December 21st at 12 p.m. Pacific. Go to enroll. Give yourself a Christmas present that will give back to you!

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