December 2016


As this year comes to an end, take a moment and pause. Stop what you are doing. Stop hearing all the noise in your head. Reflect on the year gone by.

What went well? What did not go as well as you hoped? What did you learn from both situations? How will you use those lessons to make the upcoming year the best year you have ever had, both personally and professionally?

The way to get to the answers of those questions is to pause. Stop. Breath. Relax. Get away from the crowd. Turn off your mind for a few minutes and just breath.

As you enjoy the next few weeks of holiday cheer and making merry, really live the moment. Stay in it and observe your surroundings and your self. Notice the little things that are always around you and never seem to be seen.

Thank your Higher Power that you are here today.

Have a great Holy Season, and Prosperous New Year!

I love you all.

Semper Fidelis, John

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