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June 2015

Meat Eaters vs. Grass Eaters: Personal Power

Many years ago as a very young officer, a grizzled senior officer whispered a comment in my ear. He said "Lieutenant, there are two types of people in this world. There are meat eaters and grass eaters." Then, as though he wanted to ensure I heard him, he moved away from my ear, looked me in my eyes and said in a firm and undeniable challenging tone—"which one are you!"

The connotation was clear. You are either powerful or weak. You make things happen, or things happen to you. You are a lion or a lamb.

I have written about organizational power; I have taught the elements of National Power to senior military, government officials and business leaders from the U.S., and it's allied nations. It is time to address personal power.   (Read more)

Focus on What Matters

Things go wrong. New products fail to intrigue the customers. An important game is lost to a team with little or no talent. The big idea you sold the boss on blows up in your face. Moreover, things go wrong you have little control over. An employee is seriously injured as a result of cutting a corner. A subordinate leader and his team did not complete a critical action on time.

Toughest Part of leading

The hardest part of being a leader is not side-stepping the dart to the heart, that will, inevitably, be thrown by your superiors. It is standing up and taking responsibility and being accountable for EVERYTHING your team or those under your charge did or failed to do.

I am not saying absorb the pain of the uncomfortable position you find yourself in without passing some of the pain to those who perpetrated the foul. Corrective action is required. Take the necessary corrective measures.


Taking corrective action does not necessarily mean it is punitive action. There are appropriate moments for disciplinary action, e.g. willful disregard of direction, company policy or breaking the law. In my experience, problems happen from failures in communications or flaws in the process. Be sure of what caused the problem before you decide on the appropriate corrective action. Focus on what matters. Focus on the objective, not the subject. Be sure to look in the mirror first, remember, you set the example others follow. Are you setting the right example?


When things go wrong, and things always go wrong. Your ability to remain focused on what matters, the objective, keep your head, not point fingers, and take appropriate action will earn you respect from superiors, peers and subordinates. In the long run, you will be recognized as a leader of substance, worthy of emulation and promotion.

Loyalty vs. Cowardice

I am often asked for leadership advice based on my Marine Corps experience for use in business. This section is providing short leadership tips you can use in becoming an Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

I am running into too many leaders and leader want-to-bees that are confusing the definitions of Loyalty with Cowardice.

Loyalty is the quality of keeping faith with the organization, the supervisor and those you supervise. It is not covering for a foul or a misdeed. Loyalty is not laughing at the off-color attempt at humor. It is not tolerating a breach of the organization's ethics or the law under the guise of loyalty. Those actions have a word describing such leadership behavior—COWARD!

It is tough being a leader.

Current Happenings

June has been a busy month with foundations being laid for an exciting remainder of the year for you exceptional leaders.

  • I will be a resource for Strategic Leadership Instruction this summer at the International Development Institute's "Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century" workshop. This July event will be a week long and held in Washington D.C.
  • An audio book accompanying the eBook "Leading with Fortitude—The Essentials" is completed. It will be available for download via the website in July.
  • We will launch a webinar series based on the eBook "Leading with Fortitude: The Essentials" in August. The series is short and will provide immediately actionable leadership tips.
  • I will be launching a VIRTUAL GROUP EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COACHING program this fall. It will be advertised soon on the website. Stay tuned.
  • A new eBook "Developing Business Leadership Skills: The Practical Guide to Being Effectively In-Charge" will be ready for download later this summer.
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