June 2017

Fail Your Way to Success! But Don't Fail Like This!

I am certain every Executive knows, or should know, failures lead to success. The old saying, "show me someone who has never failed and I'll show you someone who has never done anything!"

There is one way of failing that does little for providing the way forward to greater success—failing as a result of poor character.

An Executive who has fallen out of grace because of poor character is as if that Executive has been sprayed by a Battalion of Skunks. No matter how much the Executive washes the smell sticks. No one wants you near for fear of the smell tainting others.   (Read more)

Know Yourself; Be Yourself; Stand-Up for Yourself

Ladies, one brave woman stood up to the culture that was prevalent at Uber and change is now happening. Boys being boys is no longer acceptable.

Sadly, there are far too many organizations that, publicly, say all the right things. Behind the scenes, in the passageways, stairwells, cubical and offices misogynistic jokes are being made and behavior that can only be defined as harassment is condoned.

Have courage, know what you stand for; live your values and stand up for yourself. Laughing at an inappropriate joke, turning your head when observing puerile and harassing behavior makes you complicit. Stand up for yourself, and in doing so, you are standing up for your organization.

Leading is not for the namby-pamby woman or man who cannot stand up for themself much less stand up for the organization.

Don't Forget Rule 2

I am often asked for leadership advice based on my Marine Corps experience for use in business. This section is providing short leadership tips you can use in becoming an Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

Rule 1 for all in leadership positions, from CEO to First time-Fist Line Supervisor, is to produce the expected results. No one cares how hard things may be. No one cares that you are short on resources. No one cares how many hours you spent. Rule 1 applies at all times—were the results produced, on time and on budget.

Rule 2 is often abused or overlooked—Know your people and take care of their welfare.

The only way leaders, from CEO's to First Time-First Line Supervisors, produce results, is through the people they lead. Are you struggling to achieve the desired results? Are you missing the mark? Before you point the finger at that direct report or peer who is not pulling their weight do this—LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

When your team knows you care about them and they trust you, miracles happen, goals are not only met they are exceeded and exceeded on a consistent basis.

Don't forget Rule 2 it can make all the difference in the world for you and your organization.

Current Happenings


The next live course—"21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency" is open for enrollment. The course will be given on 26-27 July 2017 in Norfolk, VA.

Sign-up at http://www.fortitudeconsult.com/programs/the-law-enforcement-professional-series-norfolk/

My new book "Developing Business Leadership Skills—The Practical Guide to Effectively Being In-Charge" will be available on Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks. Check it out and leave a review!

My book "Leading With Fortitude: The Essentials" is still free, go to my website at www.FortitudeConsult.com/resources/ebook/ to download it.

I will be launching an Online Leadership School. The school will cover topics such as Decision-Making, Delegating Effectively, and other leadership topics everyone in a leadership position should know, understand and be able to use.


As many of you know, Fortitude Consulting has teamed up with BAF Security to develop the Law Enforcement Professionals course—"21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency." We have been asked by a number of Law Enforcement Professionals if we could put the course online. We have been working diligently on getting this project done.

Selected Police Departments and Law Enforcement Professionals are currently reviewing the course. We expect the course to be open for registration sometime in August.


The book "21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency" will be available on Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks.

BAF-Fortitude will launch a Law Enforcement Leadership Academy. The Academy is open to all. Some of the subjects will include, Active Shooter, Advanced Communication Skills, Credibility, and Guardian Vs. Warrior—The Modern Police Officer. Successful completion of each course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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