March 2015

Women's History Month: Not Another History Article!

It is that time of the year—Woman's History Month. I suspect many of us have seen a plethora of articles, soft news television news pieces and commercials highlighting the contributions of women throughout history. Many of the articles go unread; news pieces unwatched and the commercials are perfect opportunities to surf-the-channels.

This article is not extolling the virtues of women throughout the history of the world. Rather this is a short read. One that will not speak of the contributions of Malala Yousafzai, Margaret Atwood, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, J.K. Rowling or Eleanor Roosevelt.

This article is about how men view women. It will be to the point.   (Read more)

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Ladies, conflict happens every day. OK, that was a mastery of the obvious statement.

Many of you know there are four types of conflict. They are:

  1. Man vs. Nature—remember the movie "The Grey" Liam Neeson as an oilman stranded in Alaska.
  2. Man vs. Antagonist—a struggle between two people often found in literature and the movies, e.g. Batman vs. the Joker. Some of you may be thinking of a work situation.
  3. Man vs. Society—man against a particular force of society, the fight for civil rights is a very visible example of this type of conflict.
  4. Man vs. the Character within—internal or moral conflict.

Of the four conflicts, it is the fourth, Man vs. the Character within that will have the greatest impact on you and your future success as a business leader.

The organization you lead will always take on your attributes. More importantly, those you lead will always see what you do and remember how you made them feel. The moment you give in to doing what is convenient for you and not in the best interest of the organization, or those in your charge, it will be seen by eyes you never knew were looking at you. Your reputation will be likened to that of the Titanic, a great looking ship with a gaping hole, and predictably short future.

The workforce of yesterday and today expect the same things from those that lead them they want a level of integrity that is strong and worthy of emulation.

Stay strong, your test is coming.


I am often asked for advice on improving leadership ability, and so this section is dedicated to giving short pieces of advice on becoming what I like to call and Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

Creating a favorable impression in carriage, appearance and personal conduct at all times.

Have you looked in a mirror at yourself before you arrived at work? I am not talking about checking yourself before you departed for work. You are in competition every day for the next promotion, the next job opportunity, the next BIG thing. Many prepare only when they think the competition has begun.


Start with looking like a leader, always, not when you think it matters most. It matters most daily. Stand tall, you don't have to be 6' plus to stand tall. Check the hemline on that skirt. Tie your tie as though an adult tied it—get rid of the knot that is as wide as your neck.

Ladies and Gentlemen—shine your shoes. Yes, it matters. If you need to know why—contact me as fast as you possibly can.

Bearing—look like a leader.

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