May 2018

Strategy—Do's an Don't

I have been hearing, reading, and speaking with senior executives about strategy development. And why they are moving away from developing strategy that is intended to carry the organization for five or six years into the future.

I was glad to hear this news. The advancement of technology, social context, and attention span of customers dictate the need for strategy development to focus on the next 18 to 24 months. And serious reviews every six months.

Strategy development for the shorter period, 18 to 24 months, vice the five to six-year standard, does not mean you cut corners in the development process. Here are three, to the point "Do's and one Don't" that will keep your strategy development on track   (Read more)

Nothing is Going to be Given to You

Ladies, the #MeToo movement has lighted a fire. I fully suspect more opportunities will present themselves to women. Be prepared to take full advantage of every opportunity.

Know your business. Be prepared to take on that challenging "star-maker" job. Will you get the support, training, and preparation for the new challenge? Hopefully so, probably not, and you will not let that stop you.

Do this—improve one percent a day every day, and in 70 days you will be twice as good as you were when you started. I am not saying to sign-up for the next great learn all there is about (you fill in the blank) course. No.

What I am saying is everyday spend seven minutes learning something you did not know the day before. The challenge is to be better than you were yesterday.


Compete against yourself, not your colleague or whomever you perceive as your competition. Given enough time and with enough guile, anyone can beat someone else. Beating yourself is tough. And it will make all the difference in the world.

When you compete against you, you are free to cheer for the other person and admire their success. It confuses those who see you as the competition.

Nothing is going to be given to you. You will have to be prepared for day one of the new challenges. It is coming. Prepare now. Be better than you were yesterday. Read something about your profession, your company, or the industry. Ask a question of a superior who is where you want to be. Learn.

Seven minutes a day is all it takes. Will you do it? If it's too hard, say so, and do it anyway.


I am often asked for leadership advice based on my Marine Corps experience for use in business. This section is providing short leadership tips you can use to become an Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

One of the Marine Corps' Leadership Traits is "Unselfishness." That is avoidance of providing for one's comfort and personal advancement at the expense of others.

How do you model unselfishness in your organization? The media is full of breaking news stories where businesses, stock brokerages, banks, you name it are cutting corners and in many cases lying to their customers to improve already record profits.

Sadly, few if any in leadership positions step up and take responsibility. Why? They are taking care of themselves.

Again, how do you model unselfishness? Who is first in your mind's eye—the customer, your workforce? Find the answer or the answer that finds you may not be pretty.

Leading is tough and not for the selfish.

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