November 2018

Let's Be Candid

A young up and coming executive, Jeff, was surprised to receive feedback from his boss that he, the boss, was disappointed about his lack of candor. Jeff was genuinely taken by surprise. He could not recall ever being less than forthright with his boss.

Candor is not a question of honesty. Candor is speaking your truth. It is not a question of lying. When asked for "candor" you are being asked not to withhold. You are being asked for your opinions, your judgments. You are being asked for the quality of thought.

Candid conversations can be hard for many executives. The very thought of having a "candid" conversation will drive some to think—"...what should I say? Is this a test?"

Being asked for your quality of thought is a testament to how high your opinion matters. Candid conversations can create a positive energy flow in organizations where candor is appreciated and encouraged.

Our hero, Jeff, was being called out by his boss for his lack of candor, not his level of honesty. Jeff's insecurity was showing. When you find yourself in that position, asked for your candor, be confident, be thoughtful, and don't withhold.

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Bold and Fearless!

This month I am highlighting a book that will make a great gift to anyone in leadership. So, why am I speaking about this in the Women's Leadership Section in the newsletter?

Because women take leadership seriously! I have also noted the men that read my newsletter also pay attention to what is being written here more than in any other section of this newsletter. Smart.

I am recommending a great read—"Bold and Fearless—Inspired Leadership Begins Here" by Karyn Grant.

Karyn presents sound and proven leadership skill in a refreshing, lively fashion. It is a winning combination of sharp insight, inspiration, and innovation. Each chapter of BOLD AND FEARLESS will challenge you to get out of that comfort zone and into leadership greatness. This is not the book to read the first 20 pages and call it a day. It is worth the read from the first page to last.

Some of you know that Karyn Grant and I work together on Gender Integration issues. I can attest to her knowledge and expertise when it comes to leading across the spectrum of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Get the book and enjoy the read.


I am often asked for leadership advice based on my Marine Corps experience for use in business. This section is providing short leadership tips you can use to become an Exceptional Leader. Being good on any given day is easy. Being exceptional requires daily effort. Enjoy the read.

Ask a Marine about values, and the Marine will quickly rattle off "Honor, Courage, and Commitment."

Commitment—to a Marine is being dedicated to each other, their mission, their Corps and to "...defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic."

Everyone in a leadership position is committed to something. The question is to what?

Two types of leaders stand out among the many, those committed to themselves and their wellbeing, and those committed to their organization and the well being of those they lead. No lengthy explanation is needed for these two types of leaders.

Leaders, you will be known by your commitment.

Current Happenings

March 2019

COL. Byron Freeman U.S. Army (Ret.) President of BAF Security and I will be returning to Delta College in Michigan to teach the popular course "21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency."

Enrollment is open now on the website.

April 2019

COL. Byron Freeman U.S. Army (Ret.) President of BAF Security and I will be teaching the popular course "21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency" in the greater Washington DC area.

Enrollment will start soon. Stay tuned.

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