Senior Leader Workshops/Seminars

Why these workshops/seminars?

You are a successful and proven leader. You know well what the common thread of senior leaders in your class is—they are alert, never satisfied and always learning.

Col Boggs has taught and worked with senior leaders throughout his long career as a Marine Corps Officer and as a businessman. These workshops/seminars are a result of his experience. They are proven concepts and strategic in nature. The focus is on senior leaders with strategic responsibilities.

You as senior leaders are busy. Taking time out of your schedule can have serious ramifications. Understanding that, Col Boggs’ has put together two one-day programs and one capstone leadership program.


Two things most senior leaders should be exceptional at and comfortable with—the proper use of power and thinking BIG. The objectives are simple, yet difficult to master—the elements of organizational power and strategic thinking.

Senior Leader Workshops/Seminar

  • The Elements of Organizational Power
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Capstone

Who should attend?

These workshops focus on executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, who have strategic decision-making responsibilities for their organization or soon will have. Proof of that level of responsibility is respectfully requested of attendees. A thorough knowledge of the organization, company, and industry is required.

The Elements of Organizational Power—DIME  (One-day)

DIME is a fast paced, intense exposure to the elements of organizational power. You will be able to identify the elements of power and gain an understanding their proper use. Participants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of their organizations, companies, and industry.

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Strategic Thinking—Sit Back and Think Big! (One-day)

Strategic Thinking is the day you as a senior leader always wished you could make time for, a day to sit back and think BIG! A senior Norwegian Army Officer once asked me, “John, do you know what the problem is with Americans?” Clearly he was going to tell me. He said, “Americans don’t know how to sit back and think BIG!”

In my experience, I have to say, he has a point. This workshop is designed to allow you that opportunity. The workshop/seminar will explore:

  • Strategic—what are we talking about when we use the word
  • Strategic Reach
  • Strategic Materials
  • Strategic Communications

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This workshop/seminar is an in depth study of leadership, power and strategy. The work uses the American Civil War Battle at Gettysburg for its business lessons in the areas noted. The workshop/seminar culminates with a field trip to Gettysburg

Capstone requires serious effort. It requires study and participation. It is offered on a limited basis. It requires both a minimum and maximum number of participants.

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Customized Workshops

We have found the most meaningful workshops/seminars are those that are customized for the organization. Customized workshops address the specific needs of the attendees.

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