What is Leadership Development Consulting?

Leadership Consulting is developing those leadership competencies associated with highly effective leaders. Through no fault of their own, many executives rely on leadership tendencies that are reactive, e.g., being critical, driven, a perfectionist.

Reactive tendencies produce results but at a high cost, e.g., high turnover of talent, low morale, low quality of work, and the inevitable HR complaints from a hostile work environment to sexual harassment. These tendencies are not suitable for leaders who will assume or have strategic leadership responsibilities.

Consulting efforts include:

  • Executive leadership training
  • Emotional Intelligence training
  • Leading in a Diverse Environment
  • Learning about the most powerful sound on earth and how to use it

ALL Consulting Efforts Include Coaching!

We know at Fortitude Consulting that Training alone is ineffective without doing something to make it stick. Coaching makes the training stick!


Organizations are all different. Understanding this, we at Fortitude base the consulting effort on the needs and desired outcome of the client. The objective is the organization’s improvement, not delivering a “spec” program hoping someone buys it.

Key Takeaways

  • Improve performance
  • Culture change
  • Establish a culture of innovation
  • Develop effective teams vice ineffective groups

Who needs a Consultant?

Organizations that are not satisfied with the collective efforts of their Executive or mid-level teams.

Executive leadership teams experiencing difficulties in leading a diverse workforce.

Companies that are floundering, not achieving at the level they are capable of producing.

These companies need Fortitude Leadership.

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