Consulting is all about improving the organization. Status quo is not acceptable. The author George Fraser once said ‘great leaders are awake, alert and never satisfied.’ Regardless of size or industry, organizations must continually thrive or die. In today’s economy meeting goals are no longer good enough. Rapidly exceeding goals is the new reality. Fortitude understands this and precisely tailors its consulting approach to the needs of the client.

Consulting efforts may include:

  • Establishing a work culture—changing the culture that does not work!
  • Learning to lead effectively across gender, race and culture
  • Improving performance
  • Diversity—if you are “managing diversity” you have a problem!

Additionally, Col Boggs believes firmly in “sun-setting.” That is an engagement should not take years to complete. Rather the objectives of the project must be clearly delineated, metrics established and values of each objective determined. Then and only then do we move forward as a team with every effort to rapidly exceed goals!


Improving the organization is the primary goal of first-class consulting. It is not coming in with off the shelf programs looking for a problem to solve. The objective in our consulting practice is to improve the client and do so rapidly.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapidly exceed goals
  • Improve performance
  • Create heroes in the workplace
  • Establish a culture of innovation
  • Learn how to see the invisible and do the impossible

Who needs a Consultant?

Organizations that are not satisfied with their current condition need Col Boggs. Organizations that are experiencing diversity issues, or trying to develop a “culture” for their organization need Col Boggs. Organizations that are floundering, organizations not achieving what they are capable of, need Col Boggs.

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