Fortitude is blessed with a few of the best speakers in the country. Subject matter experts such as:

Dr. Kyleanne Hunter has been featured on CNN, Al Jazeera, NPR, PBS Newshour, and featured in the series America Divided. In addition, her writing frequently appears on the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Dr. Maria Church, CSP, is part of the elite 17% worldwide that has earned a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association. She has been featured on radio shows, television interviews, and magazines.  Maria writes a weekly newspaper column on leadership and hosts an online leadership series, Dr. Maria TV.

Andrea Beaulieu has had over 2,000 speaking and performing engagements and is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Art of the Show First Place from the International Association of Exhibition Management and the Copper Quill Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators. She speaks on leadership and critical issues facing business issues.

I wanted to thank you for presenting at the Boma luncheon yesterday and tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation. Hi energy, funny and to the point. I loved the analogy of the pigeon and the eagle!
Colleen LeBlanc
Business Development
Benson Systems



  • “Navigating Through Crisis — Lead or bleed” — Congratulations! You are in an executive leadership position, and you have the incredible responsibility of leading your organization through the greatest crisis the world has ever known. What are you going to do? Col. Boggs provides three pieces of advice for leading through a crisis.
  • “Go Ahead, Make a Decision!” — One of the most stressful moments for an executive leader is being faced with making a decision-NOW. Col. Boggs discusses the decision-making process and cycle to end the stress and fear of making the wrong decision.
  • “This Would Be Really Funny if it Weren’t Happening to Me! The Three Essential Truths of Leadership” — Andrea Beaulieu lays leadership myths on the line with this funny and poignant look at what happens when things go wrong, and the buck stops with you!
  • “You Have All The Power There Is — Use It!” — Authentic power is the only real power there is. Andrea speaks about the steps to ignite this power.


  • “Shock and Awe: Disrupting Fear and Complacency” — In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, we live and work under a constant cloud of fear. Dr. Maria Church’s discussion on this timely issue will help you recognize the destructive nature of workplace fear and will be inspired to find the courage to replace fear with the more powerful and energizing force of love, unleashing their leadership bravery, influence, and innovation.
  • “Build It and They Will Come…and Stay: Creating a Workplace Culture for Innovation, Productivity, and Sustainability” — Some of the biggest challenges facing executives include retaining and rewarding the best employees, developing the next generation of leaders, and creating an organizational culture that attracts and keeps talented employees. Dr. Church discusses the seven layers of culture and strategies to influence, motivate, and retain your best and brightest.


  • “What You Don’t Know About Diversity is Costing You” — The phrase “Diversity-hire” has become to mean hiring someone that looks different from the majority of employees. What if I told you that diversity has nothing to do with appearance and that the positive benefits include improving your bottom line? Dr. Kyleanne Hunter discusses the true meaning of diversity, and the value adds to being a truly diverse organization.
  • “IF You Are Managing Diversity, You Have a Problem!” — Col. Boggs discusses leading effectively across gender, race, and culture. It is becoming culturally competent.


You need speakers who are subject matter experts, engaging, entertaining, and motivating.

Every organization’s needs are different. Col. Boggs and all the Fortitude Team members work with organizations and event planners to tailor discussions to the attendees’ needs.

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