John is a gifted speaker that tailors his speeches to the objectives of the client. John has spoken at a number of forums on the subjects of leadership, heroes in society and the work place, and diversity.  He is one of the few repeat speakers at New York City’s Intrepid Museum “Power of One” series.  Interestingly, John is known for leaving his audience with a personal gift at the conclusion of his speeches.

I wanted to thank you for presenting at the Boma luncheon yesterday and tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation. Hi energy, funny and to the point. I loved the analogy of the pigeon and the eagle!
Colleen LeBlanc
Business Development
Benson Systems



  • “The Power of Association” — Trade Associations play an incredible part in the business life of their members. They allow small business to have the power and influence of the “Fortune” companies. This is a discussion that is a powerful message for why belonging to an Association is worth the investment in time and money.
  • “Creating Heroes in the Workplace” — What is the worst thing an employee can do for an employer? It is not an obvious answer. This is one of the most popular topics Col Boggs discusses with his audiences. He has conducted workshops, spoken and given webinars on this important topic. Learn how to create your heroes.
  • “Women Leading Men” — Col Boggs writes regularly on this topic and it is a very unusual subject for a Marine Infantry Officer to speak about.
  • “Professionalism, The DNA of Personal Power” — This discussion/workshop introduces the concept of Personal Power, what is it, how to use it and focuses on the core of Personal Power—being professional.


  • “If You Are Managing Diversity, You Have a Problem!” — This is a topic that speaks to leading effectively across gender, race and culture.


  • “It is Success, Not Perfection!” — This is a discussion about creating an education system that makes sense.

Speaking Fee Schedule

Every organization’s needs are different. Col Boggs crafts his discussions to fit the need of the organization and the event planner.

Event planners work with tight budgets. Col Boggs makes every effort to work within budgets. He books his engagements 3 to 24 months in advance.

For more information contact Col Boggs directly at: John@FortitudeConsult.com or call 571-215-9644