Trusted Advisor

It is lonely at the top, and it should be. Being the final decision maker in an organization, regardless of industry, public or private, carries a weight few can understand. Who you rely on as a sounding board is crucial and needed.

A Trusted Advisor must be safe. Conversations are not repeated. The Trusted Advisor is not one who tells you what to do. A Trusted Advisor is your ear and one who will ask you the hard and provocative questions you will not get from a staff member no matter how trusted they may be.

Col. Boggs and selected members of the Fortitude Team are experienced Trusted Advisors. Being a Trusted Advisor requires an intimate relationship and an incredible ability to listen and question.

The Trusted Advisor is carefully matched to the specific client.


The objective of a Trusted Advisor relationship is to improve the condition of the client.

Key Takeaways

  • Increase rapid decision-making ability
  • Improve visioning
  • Resolve conflict without bloodshed
  • Increase Self-awareness
  • Reduce stress

Who needs a Trusted Advisor?

A Trusted Advisor is well suited for senior level executives in any industry with strategic decision-making responsibilities.

I count on John as a Trusted Advisor and Mentor. He is insightful. He combines his wisdom, knowledge and leadership experience to the benefit of the client.

Col John Boggs is a rare find. He is a virtuoso at helping senior executives develop into strategic leaders and equally adept at developing midlevel managers – making both groups strong in strategy development and task execution.

C. Derek Campbell
TransGen Energy, Inc.


Col Boggs limits the number of those he will work with, in the capacity as Trusted Advisor.

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