Visionary Strategist

The single most important document a company has is its strategy. It requires the incorporation of vision, values, and mission. Equally important, it involves implementation. Developing a strategy that is visionary and serves to guide the company to rapidly exceed goals requires dedication and complete focus from all participants.

Developing a visionary strategy requires a unique and unparalleled effort from the facilitator. Fortitude works with companies that want to create a strategy that does not sit on the shelf. We work with companies to develop and implement strategy.

Fortitude does not view strategy development as a job for a facilitator or a consulting assignment. It is a job for a strategist. A Strategist is a person who has developed strategy and developed the plans to implement that strategy.

There are few with that level of expertise. Col Boggs and the Fortitude Team are not “hired gun” facilitators. We are strategists. We have developed organizational level strategies, conducted the planning for implementation, and supported executing the plans.


The objective is to develop a Visionary Strategy that guides an organization into the future with confidence. It is developing the Strategic Goals and Objectives that lend themselves to implementing solid plans for execution and equally important, to inspiring your employees.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Organizational Power
  • Being clear on the organizations Driving Forces
  • Developing a clear, concise, compelling vision
  • And more…

Who needs a Visionary Strategist?

Organizations who are good at what they do and serious about their future success.

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