Executive Leadership Series

The MAIN FOCUS of Senior Executives is to guide the organization safely into the future! It is RULE 1 for those in the “C” Suite and Executive VP’s

Executive Leadership demands Strategic Leadership skill. After years of working in Executive Leadership Development, I can say without hesitation–most Executives have little or no Strategic Leadership skills. Moreover, few will admit it.

Harvard Business Review recognizes Strategic Leadership as an “Essential Skill for Executives.”


Being promoted to the executive level is an accomplishment that is well deserved and hard earned. The leadership skill required at this level does not come automatically with a promotion. There is no Executive Leader Fairy Dust.

Developing Executives into capable Strategic Leaders, Executives who can confidently and safely lead their organizations into the future is the focus of this Series.


Executives and Leaders with Strategic decision-making responsibilities will benefit most from this series.

If your decisions impact the entire organization, that is a Strategic Decision. You need to be engaged in this leadership series.

High Potentials who are part of the Succession Plan, need to build strategic leader muscle before they become members of the Executive Corps.

Strategic Leadership Course

The FIRST PROGRAM in this Series “STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP” will address the four pillars of Strategic Leadership:

  • Strategic Thought—what is thinking strategically?
  • Organizational Power—every organization has power, what is it and how do you use it?
  • Strategic Logistics—what is a strategic resource?
  • Organizational Structure—is your organization structured to move to the future?


In the Navy and Marine Corps, there is a saying—

“Time, Tide, and Formation Wait for No One!”

Don’t wait to take this course!


  • Organizational Power – $75.00
  • Diplomacy – $75.00
  • Information – $75.00
  • Manpower – $75.00
  • Economics – $75.00
  • Strategic Thought – $75.00
  • Seeing The Future – $75.00
  • Vital Interest – $75.00
  • Strategy Development – $75.00
  • Strategic Logistics – $75.00
  • Organizational Structure – $75.00
  • Policies – $75.00

The Strategic Leader purchased in its entirety — $700.00 a savings of over 10%