• Increase Self-awareness
  • Sharpen Conflict Management Skills
  • Improve Executive Communication Skills
  • Increase Leadership Capacity and Capability
  • Develop Executive Decision-Making Skills
  • Empowering Others
  • Developing influence and persuasion ability
  • Building Diversity & Inclusion Skills
As a leadership and strategy expert, I am often asked what are the "tricks" to leadership. How can I improve my junior leaders and sharpen the skills of my senior leaders?

John is a talented speaker and he tailored his presentation specifically to our group. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker that is not only able to speak on a multitude of leadership topics, but can provide actionable skills and tactics.

Don Germano
Follett Higher Education Group

John is a leader among leaders. His even temperament, wisdom, excellent people skills and capacity for problem-solving render him an immense asset to any organization fortunate to have him on their team.

Mark Sutherland
Senior Analyst
Marstel-Day, LLC

I want to say thank you again for coming and sharing "The DNA of Power: Professionalism!"

This workshop I believe sparked and set ablaze what it mean to be professional and gave practical tools for each man to understand Personal Power; best part about it is that it only costs a DIME! Thank you my friend and I look forward to our future chats and meetings!

Lemuel Carter
Unit Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix

Excellent training with modern insights relating to cultural diversity for public safety professionals. Colonel Freeman of BAF Security Solutions and Colonel Boggs of Fortitude Consulting provided us with relevant, unique insights and experience that made my deputies re-think the way they handle encounters. Remarkable facilitation by the instructors and I highly recommend this 21st Century Strategic LE Series.

Robert J. McCabe
Sheriff/High Constable
Norfolk, VA

Having Col. Boggs speak about leadership, to all levels of management, in a straight forward and effective manner was an invaluable experience for all in attendance. Quite frankly, we received excellent feedback and it is safe to say he was one highest rated keynote speakers we have ever had.

Steve Trussell
Executive Director
Arizona Rock Products Association

In the relatively short time allotted, John did an excellent job of presenting his case and kept a tough audience of commercial real estate professionals enthralled. Everyone I spoke with after the event had praise for John's message and delivery, and also actionable takeaways for themselves and their associates.

Mark A. Covington
Executive Director
Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Phoenix

The fortitude to teach. The fortitude to inspire. The fortitude to collaborate. The fortitude to examine without bias. The fortitude to question. The fortitude to be curious. The fortitude to say what needs to be said. John Boggs has all of that and more.

Linda W. Cassell
Quantum Leap Coaching and Training, LLC

I wanted to thank you for presenting at the Boma luncheon yesterday and tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation. Hi energy, funny and to the point. I loved the analogy of the pigeon and the eagle!

Colleen LeBlanc
Business Development
Benson Systems

John Boggs is not only a leader, but he is a coach and role model. He possesses the emotional intelligence, leadership, and empathy required of 21st Century leaders. In a world full of legal, ethical, and leadership challenges, men like John are exactly what an organization needs, whether as a leader or consultant.

James Gfrerer
U.S. Marine Corps

What really makes John special...unique...is that as the team works towards the deadline, he is right there in the trenches slugging it out, getting the job done. Inspiring, motivating and leading...no task too large or small for John as he is always engaged.

D. A. Bethel
Business Development Analyst Senior Staff
Lockheed Martin

John's extensive knowledge of and facility with a wide variety of topics captures the attention; his teaching ability and expert communications skills allow him to reach people at all levels; his obvious honesty, candor and ability to entertain keep all within hearing distance enthralled.

Denise Rainey
Rainmakers Strategic Solutions, LLC

John is an exciting and dynamic individual. He is a "Top Notch" professional and conduct his Leadership Training sessions with a lot of energy and passion.

Anthony Brown
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
for the District of Columbia

Col. John Boggs has been an absolutely amazing executive coach for me. I certainly consider him a trusted advisor as he is extremely thoughtful and strategic as it relates to the action plan he worked with me to create for my aspirations to one day become a CEO. With out a doubt I would highly recommend John, as he is 5 Star Executive Coach indeed!

Margaret D. Finley
Director of Operations

Col John Boggs is a rare find. He is a virtuoso at helping senior executives develop into strategic leaders and equally adept at developing midlevel managers — making both groups strong in strategy development and task execution.

C. Derek Campbell
TransGen Energy, Inc.

Thank you for your presentation Friday. It was very motivating. I only wish we had someone like you to help educate the American people now. We need a hero now more than ever, to educate and motivate before it is too late... If you ever decide to make switch from training the people you are currently training, to educating and motivating people to help restore our republic for which it stood, you could really be the hero that we need...

Mark Wichern
Restoration Coach

The Course was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow students and made us focus on the changes caused by events of the past decade. (The Course) Provided tools an got us thinking about the ideas on how we can build the trust in our Communities and our Departments.

Rodney A. Howard
U.S. Army, Military Police

It was very helpful in seeing my occupation from a different perspective. I will use a lot of this training and push it through the ranks...

It proves to me the belief, passion and commitment you both have to the message of 21st Century Policing.

Todd M. Golnick
Cadillac Police Department
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