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Fortitude knows the single greatest secret to success is the ability of the leadership to lead.

Fortitude’s services are focused on understanding your specific needs and providing you with a custom solution to achieve the highest results for you and your organization.

Fortitude’s Services are Tailored to Your Oganization’s Needs so You’ll See the Results You Want


Fortitude’s diversity training is known for being the best in the country.

In fact, our trainers have been featured on the following news sources and many more:

Diversity topics include:

  • Navigating Through Crisis
  • Go Ahead, Make a Decision
  • This Would be Funny if it Weren’t Happening to Me.The 3 Essential Truthsof Leadership.
  • You Have ALL the Power There Is. Use It!


Our coaching program is designed to guide you along the path of becoming the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Coaching takeways include:

  • Empowering Conflict Management
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Developing Influence and Persuasion Skills
  • Emotional Self-Mastery
  • Rapid and Decisive Decision-Making
  • Visionary Strategic Planning


Our leadership consulting and advising helps transform today’s leaders and create tomorrow’s leaders

Leadership Consulting is developing those leadership competencies associated with highly effective leaders. Through no fault of their own, many executives rely on leadership tendencies that are reactive, e.g., being critical, driven, a perfectionist.

Consulting efforts include:

  • Executive leadership training
  • Emotional Intelligence training
  • Leading in a Diverse Environment
  • Learning about the most powerful sound on earth and how to use it

A Trusted Advisor must be safe. A Trusted Advisor is your ear and one who will ask you the hard and provocative questions you will not get from a staff member no matter how trusted they may be. Good advisors build an intimate relationship and an incredible ability to listen and question.

Advisor takeaways:

  • Increase rapid decision-making ability
  • Improve visioning
  • Reduce stress & resolve conflict without bloodshed
  • Increase Self-awareness