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John keeps the BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT, clients want one thing when working with a consultant, coach, mentor or speaker — IMPROVEMENT.

Typical results include: Dramatic improvement in leadership capability, improved morale, clear and focused strategy, operationalized strategy, rapidly exceed goals, and stress reduction

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James P Gfrerer
A Leadership Primer

For too many, they consider ‘leadership’ a noun and not a verb. John writes a compelling and easy to navigate book that is highly useful for all leaders, at all levels, to either…

Robert J. McCabe

Sheriff/High Constable
Norfolk, VA

Unique insights

Excellent training with modern insights relating to cultural diversity for public safety professionals. Unique insights and experience that made my deputies re-think the way…

Anthony Brown

Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency for D.C.

Exciting and dynamic

John is an exciting and dynamic individual. He is a “Top Notch” professional and conduct his Leadership Training sessions with a lot of energy and passion. My group really enjoyed his session!!

Mark Wichern

Restoration Coach

Very motivating

Thank you for your presentation Friday. It was very motivating. I only wish we had someone like you to help educate the American people now. We need a hero now more than ever!

Joe Capo

Project Manager


I’ve been attending the IICRC Symposium’s since 2009, and never before have I left with more determination and inspiration form any speaker they have had in the past.

Mark Sutherland

Senior Analyst
Marstel-Day, LLC

Leader among leaders

John is a leader among leaders. His even temperament, wisdom, excellent people skills and capacity for problem-solving render him an immense asset to any organization…

Case Study:
New Leadership at the Top


A newly appointed University President walked into the position well aware of low morale and questionable University processes ranging from hiring, contracting, data security, budget management and Equal Employment issues. The reputation of the University was on the line.


We followed-up on complaints from employees in order to separate fact from fiction. We examined all the university processes and recommended prioritized corrective action to be taken.


In less than six months the morale of the university dramatically improved as a result of the University President taking immediate steps to hear and act on situations we identified that were negatively impacting morale. Within 12 months all processes were dramatically improved, particularly the hiring process. The hiring process was brought into compliance with both federal and university regulations and improved the quality of employees hired. John’s role evolved to that of trusted advisor throughout the three year engagement.

Case Study:
Ready or Not!


A successful IT company was experiencing unparalleled growth. They needed assistance putting in place the systems and infrastructure to support that growth.


We assisted in identifying the processes for hiring, communications, and staff development. We participated in establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and leveraging individual talent to assist in the continued efforts to grow the company without having the company collapse under its own weight.


In 12 months expectations were exceeded in every category. The company today continues to grow exponentially, and is doing so with the procedures and infrastructure in place to support that growth for years to come.