Our strength is our expertise. We are experienced leaders and all credentialed. The core Fortitude team is unique in its makeup. We have backgrounds in the military, diplomacy, academia and corporations

Our vision is to make leadership seem effortless. Leadership is intangible. It is hard to measure. Leaders, regardless of level “C” suite o production line and industry banking to education, have the same

Dr. Alan Weiss said that every consultant “…works to improve the condition of their client…” We work to do just that by enhancing the abilities of those in leadership positions. We assist in:

Leadership is not a one size fits all proposition. Yet, the responsibilities of leadership, its principals, and traits of sound leaders are remarkable in their similarity across industries. The needs of each client

After 30 plus years of leading Marines and working in senior leadership roles, in government, education, non-profit and for profit organizations, John knows that the single greatest secret to success