Our Strength is Our Expertise

Lead and Grow with Fortitude

Brian Houp, ICF-PCC

Brian is known for his patient, open and honest communication style that leaves nothing unsaid. He knows the pitfalls of ‘success at all costs’ and believes passionately that every leader must find a way to establish his or her own right combination of solid business results, ongoing personal development and a high quality of life that provides fulfillment for both themselves and those they care about most.

Since 2013, Brian has been helping c-suite executives and senior leaders shift the way they see themselves, their work and those around them. With increased awareness and intentional changes in behavior, these leaders make significant progress in ways that benefit both themselves and everyone around them.

As a self-described “obsessive overachiever,” Brian was shamefully voted the “Office Workaholic” at a very challenging time in his personal life. His wife was battling cancer for the second time, other family members struggled with addiction problems, and he was helping raise two young nephews in addition to his own sons. From this low point in his life, Brian has excelled to a place that now allows him to bring a unique combination of empathy and perspective in a way that leads to successful outcomes time and time again.

Brian frequently coaches senior leaders that transitioned to a new role after a merger, acquisition or some other significant event. His approach confronts current challenges and barriers in a way that fosters the leader’s own unique development priorities, while reducing stress and increasing personal confidence.

He recently created and led a wide scale leadership development program at Papa John’s International focused on C-Suite successors. Using targeted assessments and one-on-one coaching, leaders identified and tackled their specific growth areas and opportunities. Participants noted significant improvements in their self-confidence and their ability to successfully navigate a highly chaotic environment. In follow up stakeholder interviews, each participating leader received high praise for noticeable changes.

Brian’s particular areas of expertise include leadership development, behavior and habit change, addressing the imposter syndrome, overwhelm avoidance, prioritization, work and life; leading through change. He is a certified ICF Professional Certified Coach and Center for Executive Coaching certified coach. Brian is also a certified Leadership Circle practitioner and is certified in using the Leadership Circle System.