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Lead and Grow with Fortitude

About Daniel

Leadership and culture are fundamental to sustainable success – this was the lightbulb insight Daniel experienced transitioning from leading his high school varsity football team to the state championship game (a big deal in Texas) to being the head manager of a major college basketball team. Observing a hall-of-fame college basketball coach inspired in Daniel the power of coaching – helping humans navigate their inner power, choosing to become the best version of themselves, changing their lives and those around them.

In this journey of becoming a coach with an emphasis on leadership and culture, Daniel has served as a combat officer in the United States Marine Corps, built a space hardware start-up as a CFO, advised clients as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, and coached young men in the game of college basketball. He also has a BA and MBA from top US-based universities, over 125 hours of executive coach training, and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (pending).

Daniel is now a full-time executive coach, trusted advisor, and leadership consultant for high-performing individuals and teams, including those with backgrounds in the military, athletics, and business. His mission continues with an emphasis on personal leadership and building a culture to empower individuals. His ontological coaching background focuses on the individual as whole and powerful, able to create a self and a world full of possibilities.