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About Eric

“The power and joy of great leadership and great coaching isn’t just in the give and take of driving to results, but in offering what every human craves, deeper human connection to a bigger purpose, and the pride and joy of accomplishing what they didn’t think possible.”

  1. Trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders and teams within financial services, non-profits, defense, county governments, federal agencies, health care, manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and education.
  2. Uses a change leadership model that integrates the business case for change with the people case for change.
  3. Emphasizes leadership and performance improvement by integrating just-in-time development with real-time decision-making.
  4. Words clients have used to describe his approach include challenging, thought-provoking, mindful, flexible, and resourceful.

Eric de Nijs is an executive coach with over 30 years of experience helping people and organizations achieve improved performance. His background includes working with CEOs, senior and middle managers, high potential leaders, and key individual contributors. His background includes experience in diverse industries such as food, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, defense, military, energy, and county governments and federal agencies. He has worked with individuals and teams at all levels in Western and Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Central and South America, Indonesia, South Korea, and Australia.

He has found three common factors people desire from the workplace regardless of the countries in which he has worked. Those factors include: a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, a chance to grow and contribute, and an opportunity to be recognized for their contribution.  Eric helps leaders develop a deeper connection with people as they strengthen their ability to deliver on the results required for today and the capacity for the success of tomorrow.

Eric’s clients include the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin, Citizen’s Bank (Royal Bank of Scotland), Steelcase, Capital One Financial, T. Rowe Price, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Exelon, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Agency, Arlington County Government (Virginia), and the Recovery and Transparency Board among others.

Eric holds a doctorate in Human Resources Development and two master’s degrees and is designated as a Professional Certified Coach. He is certified to administer The Hogan Assessment, the Workplace Big 5, the Center for Creative Leadership 360, The Leadership Circle 360, The Coaching Clinic, Cultural Orientation Index, and the FIRO B. Eric has graduated from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program, Corporate Coach University, and Team Coaching International. His business is also certified by the International Coach Federation as a Certified Coach Training program.