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Don’t Get Burned

The #MeToo movement has started a fire! Women are finding their voice and taking a stand against sexual harassment and violence. Pay attention! Women are also standing up for equal pay and equal opportunity to compete for those “star-maker” jobs. Women are standing up against retaliation for reporting those misogynistic miscreants who prowl the halls of the workplace.

When one is faced with the threat of fire three actions are taken extinguish the fire, mitigate the fire, and take action to prevent the fire.

This fire, the #MeToo Movement,  is (thankfully) started. You, senior executive, have some action to take. Which will it be?

Many senior executives, far too many, take the extinguish tactic. That is to consider the issue of sexual harassment, and violence against women as a cost of doing business. The tactic is to budget for the inevitable lawsuits and settlements. Throwing money is like throwing water on a fire, it will extinguish the flames.

A few, well-intentioned executives default to the mitigate tactic. That is to ensure Diversity Training, and Sexual Harassment Training is given on a regular basis. It will show that the organization is taking the issue seriously and will lessen the damage of the fire.

A rare few will take action required for prevention. That is to develop and execute a strategy that ensures women are integrated effectively throughout the organization.

Take a look at the numbers:




The numbers? $168 million, the largest single payout for Sexual Harassment. It was paid out by a hospital. $13 million was paid out by a media giant for one of its on-air personalities sexual harassment charges. 80 the number of women sexually harassed or assaulted by one man—Harvey Weinstein; each victim receiving between $80 thousand and $150 thousand and still counting.

How are you going to handle this situation? Can you, can your organization budget for legal actions with ever increasing financial liability?

The #MeToo movement has presented senior executive leadership a challenge and an opportunity. Look at the numbers,

1 in 5 women has experienced rape or sexual assault.

How many women do you interact with every day? How many women are members of your team? They look to you for the leadership to help them succeed. Do the math. It is very likely you talk to a survivor every day.

The #MeToo movement has presented you a fantastic opportunity.




Integrating women effectively will produce a bonus—statistics point out those organizations where at least 20% of the senior leadership consists of women, their profits outperform the industry average by 22%

Organizations that have fully integrated women have profits that outperform the industry average by 46%.

Integrating women is not a function of diversity or sexual harassment training. These training programs produce the exact opposite of what is hoped. Rather than build a sense of inclusiveness it breeds divisiveness and anger.

Integrating women effectively requires a commitment to change the culture. It requires leadership with Fortitude.

What action will you take? Our Fortitude Team is here to support you. Don’t get burned, take action!