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Improve the Bottom Line in 2016: Reflect Don’t Neglect!

How are you going to improve the bottom line for you and your organization in 2016? What actions are you going to take to improve your ability to inspire your team to new heights?

I suspect many of you reading this, have some ideas about improving your personal leadership capability, or you would not take the time to continue reading. Let me offer one thing you should accomplish before 2016 arrives. This advice is powerful; do not neglect this action. Take some time and reflect on your accomplishments and the accomplishments of your team.

As you reflect on the achievements, write them down. There is no achievement too small, nor one so magnificent that it does not warrant making it onto the list. Once that list is compiled, write down the names of the team members that played a role in the accomplishment. Again, no action is too small, nor too large to have the named associated with the achievement.

With your list in hand, write a small “Thank-You” note to each person on the list. Ensure you note the accomplishment or accomplishments they participated in and that you appreciate their efforts.

I recommend the note be hand-written. Further, I recommend it be on a small “Thank-You” note card.

Whatever accomplishments you have had this year will be overshadowed by next year’s accomplishments. The warmth and inspiration you will generate will be invaluable.

What I have just recommended to you is not done by most in leadership positions. Giving sincere thanks is overlooked by many. Rather, leading with fear and heavy-handedness is the way. In the end, leading with fear never works, just ask the employees at Volkswagen.

Have a great Holy Season and see you next year!