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When We Are All—Guilty

July 2016 has been a tough month for the United States. Two African-American men shot and killed by Police Officers. Police Officers shot and killed by an unstable African-American man. The month is not over, nor is this the only bad news the nation has to live through.

What happens when everyone is guilty?

We talk about talking!

The requirement is action. Politicians are not known for action. They are talkers; negotiators and some are not very good at that.

The times we are in require leaders. Men and women who do not talk a good game but establish environments where positive action takes place. The Dallas Police Chief, Chief David Brown, and the Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, have been singled out for their efforts that have transformed the Dallas Police Department as a model for the nation in the area of community policing. Who knew?

Sadly, it took the tragedy of five brave Police Officers to lose their lives for the nation to recognize the Dallas PD. And two more African-American men to lose their lives under questionable circumstances, to recognize that some who wear blue are dangers to society. All Americans must understand a danger to one facet of our society is a danger to all.

The peculiarity of this month, political figures are talking about talking. I cannot count how many times I have heard this week, the same comments I have listened to over a lifetime—“we need a national dialogue on_______ (fill in the blank, e.g. race, guns, immigration, etc.).”

What we need are leaders to step forward and say something like this—“here is what we are going to do__________(fill in the blank). And if that doesn’t work, we are going to try something else; but we will keep working at this until we get it done!” And then take the action.

Of course, comments like that require fortitude, the courage of conviction, and selflessness. Leaders provide the vision. Get the plan on paper. Inspire those they lead to execute the plan. Leaders also provide the latitude for others to use initiative in implementing the plan. Leaders are smart, alert, never satisfied and have a reliable moral compass. They inspire action.

It is time to for leaders to step up. Politicians are too busy being appalled.

God bless all who dedicate their life to the service of others.