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I Am Not a Racist and Neither Are You

Leading without Guilt and Fear

Executives have the unenviable responsibility of leading their organizations through the most challenging environment the world has ever known. Senior leaders must produce results facing a pandemic, global warming, war in eastern Europe, and the heightened sense of social awareness resulting from the death of George Floyd.

Diversity – the Kryptonite Dart

The word “diversity” and anything associated with it is like a kryptonite dart to an executive’s heart. Good people, well-intentioned people not knowing what to say or do, opt for saying and doing nothing. Or, at most, hire a Diversity Director, and point the finger at HR to do something.

Why? No one wants to be accused of being something they believe in their heart they are not—A RACIST!

Senior leaders own the difficult tasks. Leading diversity is a senior leader responsibility.

This is an executive level, participative workshop that intends to develop the capability and capacity of senior leaders to be comfortable with an uncomfortable topic – Racism

How to be Included in Workshop?

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  • We will explore what makes issues of race and diversity difficult. We will discuss racism.
  • We will identify the common threads of those you lead, what makes everyone alike.
  • We will discuss conflict and the conversations that lead to it, and how to have discussions that diffuse it.