Programs that Refine Leaders

and Motivate Your Team

The Fortitude Coaching Programs

Why Coaching?

Colonel John Boggs works with executives and managers in business, education, health care and government to leverage talent and dramatically improve performance. The greatest leaders and performers in our time, and in history, utilize the skills of a coach and trusted advisor in order to capitalize fully on their already world class talent. As a coach, Colonel Boggs works with clients to develop specific and measurable objectives that lead to dramatic improvement in personal performance.


The singular objective of a well-conceived and executed coaching program is to guide the participant along the path of becoming an exceptional leader, a leader that is respected, skilled and trusted.

Who should work with a coach?

Any professional, who wants to realize their full potential should work with a coach.

Any professional, who is good at what they do needs to work with a coach.

Any professional, who can see themselves as a future CEO should be working with a coach.

Key Coaching Takeaways

  •  Improved leadership behavior
  •  Enhanced leadership skills
  •  Improved communications skills
  •  Enhanced situational awareness
  •  Effective team building
  •  Increase rapid decision-making ability
  •  Lead without stress

Deep Coaching

Unlock your full leadership potential with Deep Coaching—an exclusive one-year program. Tailored to your unique needs, this transformative journey addresses obstacles that impede your growth, enabling you to become the exceptional leader your organization requires.

Coaching Intensive

An elite Coaching Intensive—a two day, 12-hour, in person experience tailored to the serious-minded individual. Uncover and conquer the obstacles that hinder your progress, unlocking unparalleled personal and professional growth.

Team Coaching

Thriving teams are built on a shared purpose, working together to ensure the company’s success. Every member takes accountability not only for their own performance, learning and well-being but also for fostering a supportive team dynamic. When challenges arise, Team Coaching steps in to bridge gaps, promote cohesion, and unlock the team’s full capabilities.

Individual Leadership Coaching

The very best professionals, regardless of industry from finance to IT, education to law enforcement, sports to healthcare, dramatically improve their leadership capability by utilizing the skills of a coach.

Col Boggs works with talented executives, managers, and those who are dedicated to improving themselves and their ability to lead across the spectrum of gender, ethnicity and culture. There is no one size fits all in coaching. It incorporates a one-on-one approach that includes “sun-setting” to maximize results.

Col Boggs’ believes that “sun-setting,” that is establishing an end date to the coaching engagement is vastly important. A coach should never become a crutch!