The Fortitude Coaching Programs

Why Coaching?

Col John Boggs works with executives and managers in business, education, health care and government to leverage talent and dramatically improve performance.  The greatest leaders and performers in our time, and in history, utilize the skills of a coach and trusted advisor in order to capitalize fully on their already world class talent.  As a coach, Col Boggs works with the clients to develop specific and measurable objectives that lead to dramatic improvement in personal performance.


The singular objective of a well-conceived and executed coaching program is to guide the participant along the path of becoming an exceptional leader, a leader that is respected, skilled and trusted.

Key Coaching Takeaways

  •  Improved leadership behavior
  •  Enhanced leadership skills
  •  Improved communications skills
  •  Enhanced situational awareness
  •  Effective team building
  •  Increase rapid decision-making ability
  •   Lead without stress

Who should work with a coach?

Any professional, who wants to realize their full potential should work with a coach.

Any professional, who is good at what they do needs to work with a coach.

Any professional, who can see themselves as a future CEO should be working with a coach.

Individual Leadership Coaching

The very best professionals, regardless of industry from finance to IT, education to law enforcement, sports to healthcare, dramatically improve their leadership capability by utilizing the skills of a coach.

Col Boggs works with talented executives, managers, and those who are dedicated to improving themselves and their ability to lead across the spectrum of gender, ethnicity and culture. There is no one size fits all in coaching. It incorporates a one-on-one approach that includes “sun-setting” to maximize results.

Col Boggs’ believes that “sun-setting,” that is establishing an end date to the coaching engagement is vastly important. A coach should never become a crutch!

Cohort Coaching

Cohort Coaching is a uniquely structured group-coaching program that focuses on groups of equals or from similar backgrounds. Is it a cohort from the same organization, be it business, professional or social (gender, ethnicity or culture)? Is it a cohort from similar industries or team be it a sports team or league.

Although this style of coaching is a structured program, Col Boggs works with the cohort to establish their level of leadership expertise as a group and designs a program that will fit the requirements of the group and if necessary taking into account the requirements of the organization or industry.

Cohort Coaching is a seven-month program and is highly interactive. It is limited in size, a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 participants. Cohort groups have an additional two months of follow-up mentoring from Col Boggs.

Each member of cohorts will be required to take the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). The LPI, created by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model first introduced in their best-selling book “The Leadership Challenge, now in its fifth edition. It is the most widely used leadership assessment instrument in the world today. Col Boggs is a certified facilitator of the LPI.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a very structured program. It works to establish a baseline for each of the participants and focuses on leadership behavior.

It is a rapid, yet methodical program. Participants will be required to take the Leadership Practices Inventory. This five-month program is built improving leadership behavior. The group will have a one-month follow-up mentoring from Col Boggs.

The group minimum is 12 participants and group maximum is 20 participants.

For more information on coaching programs, contact Col Boggs at: [email protected]