Programs that Refine Leaders

and Motivate Your Team

The Fortitude Women’s Leadership Series

Why would a woman want to attend a leadership course or participate in a coaching program from a man?

There are few, if any, men who see the need to develop the leadership skills of women. Moreover, there are even fewer men with the background of Colonel John Boggs teaching or coaching in the leadership arena.

Why Colonel John Boggs?

Colonel Boggs provides women the added insight gained from his practical experience leading Marines, and civilians while in the active service of the nation and as a businessman. Additionally, he provides you with valuable insights of how men view women in leadership positions.

“Women business leaders have differentiated themselves as strong decision-makers.  Research suggests that women at the helm of companies and investment portfolios tend to outperform their male counterparts, domestically and internationally. Despite the well-documented nature of this “woman effect,” the research community has not yet thrown its weight behind explaining the success of female-led firms. Unlocking these drivers has the potential to meaningfully, impact our understanding of successful business judgment.”

The above is an excerpt a February Forbes Magazine Article The Mysterious Success of Female-Led Firms by Stephanie Marton

Who Should Attend

This series is intended for women in leadership positions and those who aspire to lead. Each program in the series will also benefit those women who have started their own businesses and desire to learn how to, effectively, lead their organizations.

Most importantly, the programs, instruction, coaching and mentoring, by Colonel Boggs are for those who are not satisfied with waiting for someone else to determine if they are “High Potential” material. It is for those who believe in themselves.


The objective of the programs is to develop the leadership behaviors, skills and processes that will build confidence and enhance the capabilities of the high potential female executive and female business owner in leading their organizations.

This is about learning how to effectively lead people. In far too many organizations there are supervisors who employees would not follow to the parking lot at 5pm. They never learned the art of leadership.

Take Action


The course of instruction utilizes the adult learning approach. That is discussion, exercise and feedback.

One-on-one coaching will be available for those desiring additional work.


Each of the programs in the series is portable. They can be offered anywhere in the world.

The data available suggests that women resist investing in themselves. Take action! Over the past decade, women have started more businesses then men. Women-owned businesses have put over $1.3 trillion dollars in the U.S. economy. Globally, women run countries are outperforming nations run by men.

Prepare to lead. Believe in yourself. Invest in your future. Take Action.