Col John Boggs works with executives and managers in business, education, health care and government to leverage talent and dramatically improve performance.  The greatest leaders and performers in our time, and in history, utilize the skills of a coach and trusted advisor in order to capitalize fully on their already world class talent.  As a coach, Col Boggs works with the clients to develop specific and measurable objectives that lead to a dramatic improvement in personal performance.


The singular objective of a well-conceived and executed coaching program is to guide the participant along the path of becoming an exceptional leader, a leader that is respected, skilled and trusted.

Key Coaching Takeaways of working with Col Boggs include:

  • Improved leadership behavior—being the exemplar
  • Enhanced leadership skills—leading across gender, race, and culture
  • Improved communications skills—communicate like Spock!
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Effective team building
  • Increase rapid decision-making ability
  • Lead without stress

Who should work with a coach?

Any professional, who wants to realize their full potential should work with a coach.

Any professional, who is good at what they do needs to work with a coach.

Any professional, who can see themselves as a future CEO or top of their profession should be working with a coach.

Any professional, who realizes the importance to lead effectively across gender, race and culture.

Col. John Boggs has been an absolutely amazing executive coach for me. I certainly consider him a trusted advisor as he is extremely thoughtful and strategic as it relates to the action plan he worked with me to create for my aspirations to one day become a CEO. In addition, John makes himself very accessible and he both champion and challenges me in ways that I have never experienced as we focus on the model for Exemplary Leadership! With out a doubt I would highly recommend John, as he is 5 Star Executive Coach indeed!
Margaret D. Finley
Director of Operations

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