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In the rapidly shifting, complex, and uncertain landscape of business,

navigating through crises demands more than just resilience.

It calls for an Executive Leader exuding confidence, capability, and fortitude. And that’s where we come in.

Whether you’re facing the greatest challenges in your industry’s history or aspiring to reach new heights, our singularly designed program converges the benefits of Coaching, Trusted Advisory, and Strategic Consultation under one banner, equipping you and your leadership team with the strength and insights needed to steer confidently through any situation.

See what are clients have to say

James P Gfrerer
A Leadership Primer

For too many, they consider ‘leadership’ a noun and not a verb. John writes a compelling and easy to navigate book that is highly useful for all leaders, at all levels, to either…

Robert J. McCabe

Sheriff/High Constable
Norfolk, VA

Unique insights

Excellent training with modern insights relating to cultural diversity for public safety professionals. Unique insights and experience that made my deputies re-think the way…

Anthony Brown

Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency for D.C.

Exciting and dynamic

John is an exciting and dynamic individual. He is a “Top Notch” professional and conduct his Leadership Training sessions with a lot of energy and passion. My group really enjoyed his session!!


Our objective is to empower you to become the leader you’ve always aspired to be – a figure of influence and decisive action, demonstrating emotional self-mastery, effectively managing conflicts and fostering inclusivity. We aim to amplify your self-awareness, optimize your decision-making abilities, and enhance your vision, thereby improving your overall condition as a leader.

A Trusted Advisor relationship is integral to this journey. Being at the helm of your organization, you bear a weight few can understand. Hence, having a sounding board, one who listens, keeps your confidences, and asks challenging questions that provoke deeper thinking, is vital. With years of experience, our team at Fortitude serves as your safe harbor, providing you the trusted advisory support necessary for your professional evolution.

Simultaneously, we realize the significance of strategy in guiding an organization’s future success. As Strategic Advisors, we work with you to develop and implement a visionary strategy that resonates with your organization’s values and missions. A strategy that doesn’t merely sit on the shelf, but propels you towards your goals, fostering an inspiring environment for your employees.

Key Takeaways

  • Empowering Conflict Management
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Developing Influence and Persuasion Skills
  • Emotional Self-Mastery
  • Rapid and Decisive Decision-Making
  • Visionary Strategic Planning
  • Empowering Others and Fostering Leadership Teams
  • Leading in Diverse Environments
  • Understanding Organizational Power
  • Identifying Organization’s Driving Forces

Who Is This For?

This comprehensive approach is ideal for executives or business leaders eager to actualize their full potential, those unsatisfied with just being good at what they do; they yearn to be great. Senior-level executives in any industry with strategic decision-making responsibilities will also significantly benefit from our program. If you’re serious about your future success and keen on leading effectively in a diverse and inclusive environment, this is precisely where your journey begins.

Embrace the future with confidence and fortitude. Let’s navigate the complexities of business together and co-create a prosperous future.