Developing Business Leadership Skills:

The Practical Guide to Being Effectively In-Charge

Bottom line up front, leaders, from the lofty heights of the Executive C-Suits to the First time, First-line Supervisor produce results. It is rule one of leadership.

No one cares how difficult the task is, nor how short of resources one may be the only question every Executive and leader must answer, “Was the task completed on time and on budget?”

People, your people, produce the expected results. There is no such thing as the perfect leadership style. Each person on your team is different, and all deserve superior leadership.

A successful leader is both skillful and confident.

That well earned promotion into an Executive or Leadership Position did not come with instant knowledge about effectively leading people.

This book is for those Executives and Leaders who understand the impact of masterful leadership. Skilled leaders surpass the expectation of producing results. They consistently exceed expectations.

This book is for Executives and Leaders who must navigate the dangerous waters of business with the crew they have.

This book is about building leadership skill and gaining confidence in your leadership abilities. There is no Leadership Fairy Dust that came with that well-earned promotion. Everyone has to learn. This book is a great start!

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What is being said about John’s new book

A Leadership Primer, Inventory, and Call to Action!

For too many, they consider ‘leadership’ a noun and not a verb. John writes a compelling and easy to navigate book that is highly useful for all leaders, at all levels, to either learn or refresh on the key tenets of leadership, assess areas for improvement, and then take the right steps to lead — with fortitude!

This book should be one that is shared, and shared again, as it effectively and thoroughly employs diverse vignettes from the private sector, government organizations, and the military. The lessons and assessments spelled out are of valuable to the newest manager, to the most season CEO or Government/Military Executive.

James P Gfrerer

Easy to understand materials!

I recently purchased this book for my young family members that have their own new businesses. While each of their businesses are diverse in application, the leadership principles and decision making processes are no different than those taught by Col. Boggs in classes and materials. Bottom line, time is money! John has reduced volumes of concepts learned, experiences had from the Marines and businesses into his concise, easy to understand materials that assist you in becoming an effective leader! A must have for your reference library.
Steve A.

Incredible Leadership Principles!!

This book is a must have for your entire leadership team! Regardless of background, industry, country of origin, etc, all great leaders have commonalities based on principles and philosophies. Colonel John Boggs does a phenomenal job in sharing his wisdom and guidance that can be applied in any setting. Invest your time in absorbing the information in this book.You will be a better leader because of it.
Christy D. Rutherford

Fantastic, insightful, & a must have!

Fantastic, insightful, & a must have! Colonel Boggs is an incredible mentor & leader that has truly ‘been there, done that’. His book is clear, applicable, and should be on everyone’s book shelf that is, or ever will be, a true leader. The topics Colonel Boggs teaches, from empathy to strategic planning, are unbelievably powerful and beneficial for every situation: family, corporate office, entrepreneurs, police, military, etc. A true masterpiece! Thank you, John!

A must have for anyone who is, or wants to be a great leader.

A fantastic how to book that is easy to implement with stories that keep you engaged and thinking. A must read for anyone who works with, or is in charge of others. A lifetime of leadership experience with both military and civilian personnel condensed into a great book. Bravo Col. Boggs! When will the next book be out?